Automate Enterprise 11.0.6

A última versão do software Automate Enterprise – versão 11.0.6 foi liberada, atualize-se.

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Automate e Automate Enterprise

Version: 11.0.6

[23274] Web Service action has been updated to support TLS 1.2.
[23412] Terminal – Connect activity supports public key authentication method.
[23801] Applicable Actions have been updated to support TLS 1.2.
[23883] The Azure Action has been updated to support TLS 1.2.
[23884] The Exchange Action as well as all other Actions and Automate/Enterprise components that employ exchange functionality have been updated to support TLS 1.2.
[23978] FTP – Logon activity now supports ECDH and ECDSA algorithms/ciphers.
[24053] FTP – Logon activity now supports AES (CTR,CBC) algorithms/ciphers.

Other Fixes
[24054] Create Variable activity, used with ‘Treat as a parameter’ set, will not update a variable’s value with the Initial Value if a shared variable with the same name already exists.
[24130] Variable – Create activity correctly creates a variable with no value.
[24166] Workflow Shared Variables set as numeric but without a default value work as expected.
[24167]Opening SQL Connection via ODBC associated with local file DSN correctly passes in the credentials.
[24173] Label – Goto Label activity correctly shows a run-time error if the Label is not found or disabled.
[24209] Email – Create session activity updates port correctly after security selection changes.
[24210] Task – Run Task activity has been omitted from the Action Editor Window for Automate Enterprise as it is not available in this version.
[24211] Task – Enable/Disable activity has been omitted from the Action Editor Window for Automate Enterprise as it is not available in this version.
[24212] Task – Stop Task activity correctly reports run-time error when Custom Error 0 is used.

Version: 11.0.2

[23206] Users can now connect to a specific device with a Terminal action in v11 using VT100 emulation.
[23276] Database SQL query will now time out as specified.
[23310] Access has been fixed to the path ‘Global\BPA11SuspendAllTasks’ so tasks will run properly.
[23087] Fixed high CPU usage due to high amount of shared variables when starting the service and when enabling/disabling repository objects.
[22799] Fixed ability to connect to Oracle database when is set to true.
[22842] Stored Procedure parameters fields now require a value to run.
[22935] Continue to next step setting now runs when you set a time out setting on the same step.
[22997] Dataset column headers are now populated in SQL queries.
[23085] The terminal action now accepts keystrokes in Automate v11 when run in Task Builder.
[23092] Custom dialog action works as expected in v11 when trying to populate dataset for metadata.
[23168] GOTO LABEL now works in second step of a Task.
[23186] Stored procedure runs as expected with all data types.
[23199] The Retry action now runs after the action prior to it timesout.
[23001, 23144, 23265, 23266] In Excel, commas in all fields are no longer used as a column delimiter in the dataset.
[23271] When using the ‘go to label’ the step now fails when the label is disabled within task.
[23272] In the On Error action, users can now use automate variables in the ‘go to step’.
[18959] Correct values are being set when Excel Template is used.
[18960] In Excel, date only fields are now only populating the dataset with dates.
[20996] Excel sheets now adds using the template specified in the action.
[21872] Fixed looping file content to consume less RAM.
[22233] Get Object action will return an error if the “save attachments” folder does not exist (attachments are not saved).
[23093] Custom delimiter on Loop List will now be recognized when set by a variable.
[23140] Send Keystrokes action will now send parentheses () symbols.
[23188] Fixed Script Editor so it will no longer add whitespace to end of a script.
[23248] Fixed extract error in PDF Extract.
[23312] Port within FTP browser will now connect to the port authorized by the user.
[23147] Automate Enterprise installation wizard help file instructions have been updated.
[22819] In Server Management Console, modified dates now update for workflows and repository items.
[22906] The build number under Readme in the Advance setup has been fixed.
[22926] SharePoint Event Listener in Automate Enterprise 11 now references the correct version in Event Viewer.
[22992] API configuration successfully imports from Automate Enterprise version 10.7 to 11.
[23050] Terminal Emulator now configures correctly through Task Builder when Configuration Management server is not installed with the SMC.
[23234] AMTask.exe correctly runs a task from the command prompt when referencing a variable.
[23235] BPAtask.exe correctly runs a task from the command prompt when referencing a variable.
[23293] Added functionality in Log Management to enable/disable instance table entry trimming.
[23344] Fixed Instance Tables to update the “EndDateTime” column.
[23384] Import Process correctly imports the working directory, environment variables, and running context information.
[23521] Fixed system permissions so users added to the administrators group have proper access.
[23528] Workflow will send an error message when shared variable contains %Chr()% function as it is not a valid string character.
[21967] Task functions marked as private have been made inaccessible in subtasks.
[21979] Conversion of task files runs as expected when opening all sample tasks.
[22272] Sample workflows now function as expected.
[22974] IncrementFileName() increments file names within a path.
[22975] IncrementFileName() increments the file name past (1).
[22976] IncrementFileName() runs as expected in version 11.
[23233] The ‘Text: Find’ action returns correct positions for all strings.
[23340] Sped up the EULA display.
[23354] Timeout error handling runs as expected when set to continue.
[18819] AMTA (HELP): Help window hides AMTA
[21154] In Server Management Console, the repository correctly shows tasks.
[21361] The details view on Server Management Console has the correct date format when the machine is set to Australian Region.
[21432] Fixed link in XML Read Node action.
[21536] Task Name now changes on the calendar when copied from another scheduled job.
[21624] The full Workflow name appears while running a search in Server Management Console.
[22030] RAM memory issues fixed for running loop tasks.
[22524] Automate Enterprise 11 successfully deploys an agent using domain credentials.
[22546] Inspect dataset function in Task Builder populates at faster rate.
[22761] CurrentDataRow Column Name and Value update as expected in Variables panel.
[22826, 23166] Fixed memory usage in Task Builder when viewing a task larger than the visible panel.
[22910] Tasks that run once a month will display in calendar.
[22957] The Stop Task action in a called function will end the task when set to Abort or Success.
[22971] Import v9 tasks to v11 with exclusions will import with correct dates.
[22977] The ‘Variable: Return’ action now returns the function under all circumstances.
[22982] Entering a Function Name in the ‘Go to label’ field in the ‘On Error’ section of a step now runs as expected.
[23009] In Task Administrator, ‘Disable Windows Foreground Timeout’ remains checked after a reboot.
[23026] In Import (Region), fixed import error into v11 for “&”, “”, “<“, and “>” characters in the region.
[23051] In Task Builder, the Find function will find all matches.
[23060, 22929] Send Email using “System” from task builder works as expected.
[23062] The function %GetTaskName()% displays correctly in Automate Enterprise Task Builder.
[23108] Task Administrator tasks will run correctly under all Task Isolation circumstances.
[23109] When printing steps that are on multiple pages from the Task Builder, all pages will print.
[23145] AML files set to read only will now indicate errors when saving the Managed Task.
[23148] Default Mail help file directs to the correct help.
[23176] Import Utility will import v9 tasks with no password correctly.
[23180] Task Builder runs correctly when copying steps using VNC connection to VM.
[23187] Fixed extended logging function “Log extended step information enabled” to run correctly under all circumstances.
[23210] Import task runs correctly even when the attribute name starts with a number.
[23211] Tasks import correctly into v11 with all properties.
[23238] In Variable (Set), the description appears correctly.
[23263] Task that have “Go to label” step in a loop and IF statement will run as expected.
[23278] Disabled trigger time is not displayed after the time has passed, but the active trigger time is displayed.
[23364] User can send email using “System” when task is ran from command line.
[23377, 23378] Granting users Read only access works as expected in the Server Management Console security.
[23402] The correct characters will import correctly from v6 to v11.
[23441] The Goto Label step will correctly redirect the task.
[23488] Opening a restored task from .ama created in v9 to v11 will work correctly.
[23506, 23530] Automate v11 will return file count of only specified directory.
[22847] Workflow Error email will send if “Stop Current Branch” is selected in “On Error”.
[23052] “Number of files exceeds” in the file trigger options works as expected.
[23084] Exclude mask works as expected for folders in File System actions.
[23098] Exclude mask “.com” for a file name .com is now excluded.
[23269] When a variable is set using the PDF – Extract activity, you can now assign its value to a second variable reliably.
[23381] When requesting a path through %AMProcess.GetPath, the correct path is now returned.
[22625] Performance for SQL Queries that populate a dataset has been improved significantly.
[21495] When you create a task with a daily trigger, the task name now shows properly in the calendar.
[20696] The Database – Open SQL Connection – Advanced section now describes TIMEOUT parameter correctly.
[21185] Added a note to the VMware Guest – Connect Activity help topic stating that Windows installations require a Windows-accessible VMX file accessible.
[21314] The Automate > Task Administrator > Tasks > Database Trigger topic and Automate Enterprise > SMC > Events & Conditions > Available Events & Conditions > Database Condition topic no longer suggest that you can use Windows Authentication.
[21357] In the Task – Start Subtask, Managed Subtask is no longer listed as an option in the AME help documentation.
[21494] Outdated images have been removed from the Installation Wizard documentations.
[21614] The help topic for the Dynamics CRM – List Entity activity now contains Description and Practical Usage information relevant to the activity.
[21839] A number of help topics now indicate that AMError returns a one-row dataset.
[22339] The GetEnvironmentVariable() help topic now specifies that an environment variable must be enclosed in quotes.
[23205] The Process Agent help topic now specifies that Java v1.8 is required.
[17624] The Powershell – Run Script activity now accesses MS Exchange modules properly.
[21574] The Input – Move Mouse activity now accepts and processes negative X,Y coordinates correctly.
[22901] When setting a variable to Null in a Basic Script subroutine, “variable is not a compatible type” error message no longer appears.
[22909] The Text – URL Encode/Decode activities now handle URLs that span multiple lines.
[22927] The Text – Find activity no longer fails when searching a blank variable.
[23141] The Treat as Parameter functionality creates a new variable when Task is run in Task Builder and a Shared Variable is called.
[23182] User can now set shared variables when the value includes a percent sign (%).
[23249, 23254, 23002] The Text – Replace activity now processes text properly when using Regular Expressions.
[23339] The Loop – Dataset activity now terminates properly when it reaches the end of large string.
[23405] BPATask and Task Builder successfully access specific websites via the Interactivity action that used to cause errors.
[23407] The GetTaskDirectory function now populates correctly in Task Builder.
[23207] The Terminal action’s Wait For activity now responds properly when the cursor is already at the specified row/column position when the action is run.
[23142] Long trigger descriptions (3 lines or more in length) no longer cycle repeatedly.
[23213] Validation and correct error messaging is now applied when adding a Holiday that includes a comma into AMTA or SMC.
[23622] Timeout option has been fixed to fun as expected in Database SQL Query.
[23599] Task Builder will run porperly when the user has a task with two regions collapsed.
[23584] If a task is not encrypted, creating a shortcut for a managaed task from Task Administrator will not require a password.
[23533] The replace function runs as expected when the string has a percent symbol.
[21260] Active Directory actions are correctly listed under Automate Pro in help file.
[21870] Fixed issue with Task Builder Find function in run command when containing quotes.
[22167] When using an If statement, Russian characters will be recognized and work as expected.
[22498] When using Text (Format Date/Time) the Date/Time formatting will run as expected.
[22897] When using Variable (Set), setting a variable value to another variable will work as expected.
[23003] Date formating works as expected on Spanish region/language configured systems.
[23005] User can send emails using host.
[23241] Single quotes in an If statement work as expected.
[23184] The text within a file ending with a comma is included in the populated variable.
[23268] The leading zeros in a variable value will remain when configured to auto.
[23385] Structure/fields will keep leading zeros in the value.